TenCate Tecasafe plus Arc Rated Workwear

Every day, workers around the world are risking their lives as they are exposed to the risk of flash fire, electrical arc flash and molten metal splash. In the split second when such a dangerous situation does occur, providing the right FR clothing can make the difference between avoiding a disaster involving serious injury, or death.

In a matter of seconds, a momentary electric arc, flash fire or molten metal splash exposure can surround a worker with searing temperatures that will ignite everyday non-flame resistant workwear instantaneously. Worse yet, non-flame resistant workwear continue to burn even after the source of

ignition has subsided. In fact, the majority of severe and fatal burn injuries are due to the ignition of non-flame resistant work clothes - not by the actual exposure to the heat source itself.

Using flame resistant clothing can provide the necessary thermal protection to shield workers at the moment of exposure. Once the source of ignition is removed, flame resistant garments will self extinguish, greatly limiting the severity of a burn. In many cases, they can mean the difference between a minor accident and a tragic fatality.

TenCate Tecasafe® plus delivers superior electric arc and flash fire protection in a comfortable lightweight fabric. It performs to the NFPA 70E and NFPA 2112 standards and lasts longer than FR treated fabrics, making Tecasafe Plus a great value. Unlike other protective fabrics, it is inherently flame resistant. So, the unique FR protection comes built-in, and won't wash out or wear out.

Unbeatable Electric Arc Protection

TenCate Tecasafe® plus is an NFPA 70E compliant, comfortable, light-weight fabric with inherent heat and flame retardant properties, that provides durable and affordable electric arc protection to electricians, electrical contractors, and other professionals with potential exposure to electric arc flash.

Unbeatable Flash Fire Protection

TenCate Tecasafe® plus provides durable and affordable flash fire protection for workers in the petroleum, petrochemical, fire service, mining and other industries that may be exposed to flash fire.

Unbeatable Bushfire/ Wildland Fire Protection

TenCate Tecasafe® plus is the latest fabric innovation for protection against the hazards of wildland firefighting. It combines inherent FR protection with unbeatable comfort and exceptional durability into a single garment. Specially engineered, this is a light-weight fabric that still meets the rigorous standards of AS/NZS 4824.


TenCate Tecasafe® plus is engineered to provide unbeatable electric arc and flash fire protection that lasts longer than FR treated cotton fabrics. Tecasafe® plus is soft and lightweight fabric providing unmatched comfort. It is also comforting to know that Tecasafe® plus's inherent protection will never wash or wear out.

Inherently flame resistant                  
FR properties are built in, and won't wash or wear out. Performance exceeds NFPA 70E HRC 2 and NFPA 2112 standards.

Comfortable to wear                          
Soft, flexible and breathable. Specially engineered to provide excellent moisture management properties that keep the wearer cooler by naturally wicking moisture away from the skin.

Exceptional durability                        
Outstanding abrasion resistance and better strength retention after multiple commercial washes.

Excellent value                                 
Long life cycle and competitive price means lower cost of ownership.

High Visibility                         
AS/NZS1906.4, ANSI 107 and CSA Z96 compliant.

Earth Friendly                        
Made with Lenzing Tencel® environmentally friendly cellulose fibre.


Elliotts TecaSafe plus Workwear Range

The Elliotts range of TecaSafe plus work wear has been designed specifically to provide electrical arc flash protection.

Anthony Elliott, Managing Director "When designing clothing to provide protection from electrical arc flash at Elliotts we take care to ensure our construction techniques and components compliment a premium fabric like TecaSafe plus. We only use aramid sewing threads such as Nomex and we only use flame resistant 3M 8935 reflective tape on our stock range of garments. We also include design features such as gusseted sleeves to ensure there is no gap at the cuff area and underarm gussets to allow maximum movement when the shirt is tucked in."

The Elliotts TecaSafe plus range includes long sleeve shirts, trousers, coverall, jackets and vests in various colour and reflective trim combinations.



As part of the Elliotts FR Workwear range we are able to offer customised workwear systems to suit your specific requirements.

Custom Design Features available for the Tecsafe plus range include reflective trim, High collars and custom pockets, Vented back and arm gussets, Custom logos and embroidery and is available in fabric weights including 5.8oz / 195gsm  HRC 1 - ATPV 6.5, 7.0oz / 235gsm  HRC 2 - ATPV 9.0 and 8.5oz / 288gsm  HRC 2 - ATPV 10.2.


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