The safest suit you’ll ever wear!

 Zetel Arcsafe Safest suitSimply put, this product will provide your customers with the safest suit that they will ever wear.   Consumers from in the electrical industry are exposed to daily to hazardous and potentially life-threatening workplace conditions and when combining this with wet weather, it can be a recipe for disaster!    The most dangerous of these workplace hazards is that of an arc flash.

Arc flashes are the result of a rapid release of electrical energy, which has occurred due to a fault between phase bus bars.  The current spectacularly diverts from its traditional path and darts through the air from one point to another, or goes straight to the ground within a split second.

Unfortunately, when workers are within close proximity to a flash, serious injury or even death, is inevitable – unless they are wearing the correct PPE.  Arc flashes can be caused for numerous reasons.  However the most common occurrences are the result of -


  • Dust
  • Dropping tools
  • Unintentional touching
  • Condensation
  • Material failure
  • Corrosion
  • Faulty Installation

For this reason, we have designed our Zetel® ArcSafe wet weather jacket to the highest Australasian standards, ensuring that the wearer is superiorly protected in the event of an arc flash.  Each Elliotts Zetel® ArcSafe wet weather jacket has been specifically crafted to provide a waterproof, windproof, flame and arc proof protection option to members of the electrical industry.  Whilst at the same time offering all important free movement and breathability in the fabric, allowing customers to get the job done comfortable!

Check out our gear going through its testing process…

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