Wakatac Proban Welding Protection

Elliotts Wakatac Proban Range has been designed and constructed to provide the highest possible levels welding protection in a lightweight Proban Cotton Shell.

Wakatac Proban is a 100% Proban Treated Cotton. PROBAN® is a chemically treated Cotton fabric designed to protect the wearer from a range of workplace hazards such as arc flash, flash fire, molten ferrous metal splash, exposure to welding and wildland firefighting.

The PROBAN® process ensures the fabrics are guaranteed for flame resistance for the life of the garment, provided recommended wet laundering or dry cleaning procedures are followed.

PROBAN® used in Elliotts Safety Apparel meets certification NFPA 70E, AS/NZS 4824-2006 and compliance to AS/NZS 4824; ISO 14116 Index 3, ISO 11611 Para 6.7, ISO 11612 Para 6.3 after 50 wash dry cycles according ISO 15797 Procedure 8.

 Key Performance indicators for Wakatac Proban

Garment Lifetime protection

PROBAN® finished fabrics retain their flame retardant properties for the lifetime of the garment. Fabrics acquire their flame retardant properties from the polymer which is embedded into the fabric. It can only be removed by powerful oxidising agents. See wash factors to be avoided

Flame performance

When exposed to flame, PROBAN® fabrics form an insulating char, this stays in place and helps protect the wearer. PROBAN® fabrics do not smoulder, have no afterglow, do not melt and the flame doesn't spread outside the charred area.


Wakatac Proban Welding Range from Elliotts Includes:

WAKATAC Proban Welding Jacket

WAKATAC Proban High Visibility Welding Jacket

WAKATAC Proban High Vis Welding Jacket, Leather Sleeves, Safety Harness access.

WAKATAC Proban Welding Safety Trousers

WAKATAC Proban Welding Safety Hood

WAKATAC Proban Welding Safety Sleeves (Product Code: WAK10) 

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