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Elliotts Welding Blankets and Welding Drapes



HeatShield Welding Blanket Elliotts have an extensive range of products manufactured from high temperature resistant fabrics designed to protect workers, plant and equipment from the hazards associated with welding and fabrication processes.



Welding Blankets


A Welding Blanket is designed to encapsulate a metal object that has been subjected to heat treatment either through stress releiving or welding. The blanket retards the cooling rates contributing towards the non hardening and possible subsequent embrittlement in the Heat Effected Zone (HEZ).


Elliotts offers blankets manufactured from two fabrics, HeatShield and T1000.


T1000 Welding BlanketSpecial sizes are available on request.



Welding Drapes


A Welding Blanket is designed to be placed over or cover an object that cannot be moved and is positioned in such a way that welding spatter and dross could cause damage.


The positioning of the drape is of utmost importance. It should be arranged loosely over the object to enhance the run off of welding spatter and dross. A welding drape can also be used as a curtain or screen where a more robust material is required.


Elliotts welding drapes are available in LeatherNeoWeld and Silica Glass.


NeoWeld XB Welding DrapeSpecial sizes are available on request.



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