Welding Protection

Elliotts continue to lead the way in protective clothing for welders, offering an extensive range of welding garments, made from a variety of fabric to meet the safety needs of welders in all kinds of environments. Whether you are MIG, TIG or Stick welding, indoors, outdoors, working in confined spaces or at heights, we have the protection you need.


BIG RED® Welding Apparel

All BIG RED® leather welding apparel has been made using the famous BIG RED® Leather. For heavy-duty welding protection, BIG RED® continues to set the standard of high quality, long-lasting products in the industry. 


Blue Max® Welding Apparel

Elliotts Blue Max® Chrome Leather range offers a good balance of durability, abrasion, resistance, and pliability. This value for money leather offers a good comfort level and good overall performance.

WAKATAC® Welding Apparel

WAKATAC® Welding Apparel is the leading brand of FR Cotton Welding Apparel. The WAKATAC® range of Proban® Welding apparel is ideal for lighter welding applications and where hot and humid conditions can cause heat stress.



High Vis Welding Apparel

For lighter welding protection or where high temperatures and or humidity are workplace hazards, Flame Resistant (FR) cotton garments are ideal. Elliotts' range of High Vis Welding Jackets are available with and without reflective tape. 


Golden Chief® Welding Apparel

All Golden Chief leather welding apparel has been made using carefully selected GOLDEN CHIEF® Leather. Pigskin leather is a lighter weight compared to traditional cow split leather. and  known for its resilience, holding up well against exposure to moisture.



Welding Gloves

Protecting gloves for welders are designed to protect the hands and the wrists. Protective gloves for welders protect against small splashes of molten metal, short contact exposure to limited flame, convective heat and contact heat and UV radiation from the arc. 


Welding Screens and Frames

Elliotts ArcSafe Welding Screens provide the best protection for your workplace as well as your business. Elliotts welding screens ensure you are covered with screens that are certified to Australia Standards. 



Welding Blankets & Drapes

Elliotts have an extensive range of products manufactured from high temperature fabrics designed to protect workers, plant and equipment from the hazards associated with welding and fabrication processes. 


Welding Cushions

Welding Cushions are designed to provide comfort and protection and prevent fatigue while performing extensive welding. Designed for kneeling and laying down. Available in a selection of outer materials. 


Welding Cable Covers

Protect and extend the life of your welding torch and cables from damaging spatter and dross. Elliotts leather cable covers are available in Big Red or Black Grain leather options with hook and loop closures.