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Elliotts Welding Screens and Frames



Flame Retarded Canvas Welding ScreenElliotts range of welding screens has been specifically engineered to:


1. eliminate dangerous Ultra Violet Radiation


2. minimise the glare of high amperage welding arcs


3. increase welding booth illumination without significantly reducing visibility through the screen.



The range includes screens manufactured from:


• Arcsafe - translucent vinyl screens available in red, green or amber


• Plastiweld - reinforced gold vinyl screen for extra durability and strength


• Flame retarded canvas - non-translucent green flame retarded canvas


• DuraWeld - combination of Arcsafe and NeoWeld materials offering a translucent top for viewing and Neoweld bottom for durability against spatter and dross.



Welding Screens - How Do They Work?


The ArcSafe welding screen is manufactured from vinyl film, processed with a colour dye, a flame retardant and ultra violet absorber. The dye consumes and filters the blue light brightness associated with the electric arc welding process. The material surface acts as a reflector, causing the arc to appear larger and less bright, thus reducing glare to the eyes. The light is also scattered in different directions, creating a fluorescent light. This causes the pupil to constrict and shut out excess glare, thus reducing light to the retina.



Colours and Luminance


ArcSafe welding screens are available in three colours: Red, Green and Amber. The luminance Transmittance is the ratio of the luminance of a source of light when viewed through a curtain or screen, to the luminance of that source when viewed directly.



Luminance Transmittance


The Luminance Transmittance is the ratio of the luminous of a source of light when viewed through a curtain or screen to the luminance of that source when viewed directly.





Benefits of ArcSafe


ArcSafe® Welding ScreenArcSafe welding screens absorb the dangerous ultra violet light that is emitted from the arc welding process and also offers these aditional benefits:


• Surrounding your welding situations with safety


• Protecting your co-workers and other people frm the painful effects of accidental welding flash


• Safely and quickly defining hazardous welding areas


• Allowing safe observation for safety check of welng operations


• All seams are welded, not sewn, for extra durability and strength



Certified Product


Provide the best protection for your workplace as well as your business.


Elliotts ArcSafe welding screens ensure you are covered as they are the only welding screen certified to Australian Standards. Check your current welding screens and ensure you are protected.


Product Certified: Elliotts ArcSafe Weling Screens are product certified to AS/NZS 3957:2006 Light transmitting screens and curtains for welding operations.






Elliotts range of free standing, portable safety frames provides a unique combination of strength, sturdiness and safety.



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