X-Series firefighting apparel featured at AFAC 2011

Elliotts X-Series Firefighting Apparel provides the ultimate fire protection with dexterity and comfort.

Elliotts range of Protective Clothing for Firefighters incorporates the latest in fabric technologies and we are constantly re-designing garments to meet specific firefighting needs.

Elliotts recommends that a firefighter’s protective clothing should be comfortable, breathable, lightweight, highly visible, allow the wearer to move freely and offers overall protection in the hazardous fire fighting environment.

Our full range of Structural Firefighters Protective Clothing is certified to AS/NZS 4967:2009 Requirements and test methods for protective clothing used for structural firefighting.

X Series Structural Firefighting Apparel – Jacket Features

  • Highly technical, tailored ergonomic design
  • Under arm gussets or bellows incorporated to allow free movement of the arms with minimum coat rise
  • Two piece special shaped sleeves allows for natural elbow movement.
  • Short coat to minimize weight with extended tail section to provide extra rear protection when bending over
  • V style fully enclosed collar incorporated into the storm flap with Velcro closure
  • Shoulder area padded for greater comfort.
  • Reinforced elbow patches.
  • Padded Shoulder Harness braces to distribute weight evenly over the shoulders, provide an extremely comfortable wearing experience and to compliment SCBA equipment
  • AraShield reinforced abrasion resistant sleeve cuffs with water resistant FR neoprene sleeve wells and Nomex knit wristers with thumb loops
  • Lining incorporates an anti-wicking FR neoprene lining base
  • Angled bellows pockets with Veclor closure, pocket flaps Incorporate AraShield pull tab for easy opening when wearing gloves.
  • Heavy duty zipper with Velcro closure system on outside storm flap for extra heat and moisture protection.
  • Reflective Trim – Standard trim is 50mm Firetrim.

X Series Structural Firefighting Apparel -Trouser Features

  • Contoured knee designed to mirror the natural shape of the leg so it is easier to bend and not restrict knee movement.
  • Gusseted crutch for extra mobility
  • Leg opening with zip and Velcro closure to improve ease of donning and doffing
  • Knee area padded for extra comfort and reinforced with AraShield
  • Front fly opening with Zip and Veclro closure
  • Bellow side pockets with Velcro closure and drain holes,pocket flaps incorporate AraShield pull tab for easy opening when wearing gloves.
  • Adjustable Velcro side tabs..
  • Reflective Trim – 50mm Yellow/ Silver Firetrim

All Elliotts Firefighting Apparel is made in Australia using the highest quality firefighting materials available.

We can design and customise to you specific requirements through all stages of design, material selection, safety specifications and accessories to ensure that your Firefighting Apparel is the perfect match for your Fire and Rescue Team.